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Summer Study Abroad in Berlin

Dear Students: the faculty in the German department is eager to meet you this fall or see you again and hear about your summer studies abroad or other exciting events. Check out our schedule during the first week of classes to meet with other students and with the faculty.

On this website, you can find information on the German major and German minors, read about exciting course offerings taught in German or in English, explore numerous study abroad options including our own summer program in Berlin, find a description of our Business German sequence, get to know the German Undergraduate Advisory Board and what they do, and explore what the German Writing Center has to offer. If you are a first-year student and know some German already, you should visit our Language Placement site and take our online placement exam to find out what course would be best for you.


You will find our Fall 2022 schedule including class descriptions below.  Whether you consider starting to learn German or continue with your German studies in a supportive course environment, we offer a broad spectrum of courses to meet your goals. If you have questions about enrolling in any of our engaging courses, please contact us or schedule a virtual zoom conversation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

• Beginning German
• Intermediate German

• History, politics, culture in 21st Century Germany
• Introduction to literature: 1945 to today


• Advanced Business German: marketing and management
• German expressionism


• Berlin and the culture of democracy

• The theme of Faust throughout the ages


• Studies in communication and culture

A Unique Department


Award-winning Instructors

We have an exceptional teaching faculty, who make every effort to approach learning from a variety of angles to offer classes that are engaging and motivating, intellectually fulfilling, and, at the same time, broaden and deepen learning.
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Outstanding Research Faculty

Our faculty are engaged in a range of projects, many involving cross-disciplinary issues, such as critical theory, theories of reading, psychoanalysis, Jewish studies, the history of science, and the role of technology in learning and teaching in the field of Second Language Acquisition.
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Progressive Learning Environment

The department recognizes that in addition to exposure to various classroom learning situations and scenarios, learners need a variety of learning situations including opportunities to use the target language with native speakers in the target culture to progress their learning.
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