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About the Department

Welcome to the German Department at Northwestern University. Our department offers an exciting curriculum for studying German language, culture, literature, history and thought. Our exceptional faculty understands students' individual needs and makes every effort to teach classes that approach learning from a variety of angles including extracurricular activities on and off campus. It is our goal to offer you a program that is personally enriching, engaging and motivating, intellectually fulfilling, and, at the same time, broadens and deepens learning. We encourage you to explore our website in order to learn more about the German major and minor, our faculty, activities and support services, opportunities abroad, and the accomplishments of our students and alumni.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

For the Department of German diversity, equity, and inclusion are especially meaningful concepts in order to foster a vibrant intellectual community where students, faculty, and staff can feel welcome and can excel. Hence, our philosophy is to be mindful of cultural differences and respect contrasting perspectives, values, beliefs, traditions, and world views that have been shaped by various backgrounds, histories, and experiences. Our overall aim is to train responsible global citizens through the lens of language, literature, and culture.

Modern Germany itself has become a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation, and we seek to represent this diversity in our teaching and research. We strive to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments, promoting access, opportunity, equity, and justice for all. Individuals from historically marginalized and underrepresented groups, international applicants, immigrants and permanent residents constitute a vital part of our departmental community. Ultimately, we strive to create a climate where students, faculty, and staff are kind, considerate, respectful, and accepting of others and their values.