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Annual 2022-2023 Class Schedule

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Course # Course Title Fall Winter Spring

Language Courses

101-1-20 Beginning German Ryder
101-1-21 Beginning German Antonakaki Giannisi
101-1-22 Beginning German Kerlova
101-1-23 Beginning German DeSocio
101-1-24 Beginning German Meuser
101-1-27 Beginning German (Intensive) Ryder
101-2-20 Beginning German Meuser
101-2-21 Beginning German Zeller
101-2-23 Beginning German DeSocio
101-2-25 Beginning German Antonakaki Giannisi
101-3-21 Beginning German Zeller
101-3-22 Beginning German Meuser
101-3-23 Beginning German Antonakaki Giannisi
101-2-25 Beginning German Ryder
101-3-26 Beginning German Ryder
102-1-20 Intermediate German Kerlova
102-1-21 Intermediate German Hutter
102-1-22 Intermediate German DeSocio
102-2-20 Intermediate German DeSocio
102-2-22 Intermediate German Hutter
102-2-23 Intermediate German Kerlova
102-3-21 Intermediate German DeSocio
102-3-22 Intermediate German Zeller
102-3-23 Intermediate German Meuser

Courses Taught in English


First Year Seminar Holt DeSocio
228-0 German Film (Disitrbution Area VI) Parkinson
230-0 Berlin and the Culture of Democracy (Distribution Area IV and VI) von Holt

The Theme of Faust Through the Ages
(Distribution Area V and VI)


Special Topics in German Literature and Culture

von Holt Parkinson

Writers and their Critics 

(Distribution Area VI)


Courses Taught in German

201-0 Focus Reading Meuser
205-0 Focus Writing Zeller

German Culture Through Film

(Distribution Area VI)


Politics, History, and Culture in 21st-Century Germany

221-2 Introduction to Literature: 1900-1945
(Distribution Area VI)
von Holt
221-3 Introduction to Literature: 1945-today
(Distribution Area VI)
305-0 Writing as Discovery Lys
309-1 Advanced Business German: Understanding the German Economy Ryder
309-2 Advanced Business German: Marketing and Management Ryder
321-3 Recoveries and Transitions: 1945-Present (Distribution Area IV and VI) von Holt
327-0 German Expressionism Weitzman
335-0 Minority Voices in Germany (Distribution Area VI) von Holt

Graduate Courses

403-0 German Literature and Critical Thought 1900-1945 Weber
408-0 Critical Theory and Religion Helmer
441-20 Studies in Communication and Culture Weitzman Deuber-Mankowski