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Students with Advanced AP Scores in German

If you have taken an AP exam, will need to take the online German Placement Test regardless of your AP score to be placed in an appropriate class. Students with an AP score of 4 or 5 will need, most likely, only one more class (either 102-3 Intermediate German taught in the Spring, 205 Focus Writing, or 221-3 Introduction to German Literature)  to satisfy the WCAS Language Proficiency Requirement in German but check your placement exam results to find out.

AP Scores and Course Credits
An AP score of 4 will give you one language course credit (on the 100-level). An AP score of 5 will give you one additional language course credit (on the 200-level) which can be used towards a German Major or Minor.

If you have questions,  please schedule a zoom meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies Franziska Lys  here.