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Outstanding Research Faculty

Research and scholarship are important parts of academic life and the German Department is well known for its research productivity and quality. Faculty members in the department are engaged in a range of projects, many of which focus on cross-disciplinary issues, such as critical theory, theories of reading, psychoanalysis, Jewish studies, the history of science, and the role of technology in learning and teaching in the field of Second Language Acquisition. The German Department’s research can best be described by a high level of collaboration among faculty members and also among faculty and students across departments and universities in the US and abroad. Despite the wide variety of methodologies and fields of research all faculty is unified in an approach, which is characterized by an imaginative but nevertheless thorough attentiveness to the textual materiality of literary, philosophical, scientific, and artistic discourses. The faculty's commitment to outstanding research and scholarship is also reflected in the many prestigious grants and awards the faculty has received.