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Key Faculty and Staff

Key Faculty for Advising

Peter Fenves: Chair
847-491-8245 |

Erica Weitzman: Director of Graduate Studies
847-467-8149 |

Franziska Lys: Director, Undergraduate Studies
847-491-8298 | or schedule a zoom meeting here.

Anna Parkinson: Advisor, Honor Students
847-467-5173 |

Rob Ryder: Advisor, Study Abroad and Business German

Denise Meuser: Coordinator, 1st Year German
847-491-8292 |

Martina Kerlova: Coordinator, 2nd Year German
847-491-5788 |

Ingrid Zeller: Coordinator, Writing Center
847-491-8290 |


Courtney Essenpreis: Departmental Assistant
847-491-7249 |

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