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How to Declare a Major or Minor

When To Declare A German Major Or Minor

Students often ask at what point in their studies they should declare a major or minor. The simple answer is, as early as possible but certainly once they start taking classes beyond German 102-3.

Once students have declared a German major or minor, they will be able to preregister for courses. We will be able to track students' progress, help them make choices with regard to course work and study abroad, and send them special invitations to events for majors and minors. This will ensure that all of the courses will count towards either the major or the minor.

How To Declare A German Major Or Minor

The easiest and quickest way to declare a German major or minor is to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. We recognize, however, that this is sometimes not possible in a timely fashion and students have the option of doing it electronically. Simply download and complete both the Weinberg Major/Minor Declaration and the German Declaration forms


The major declaration form and process can be found here:


Major Declaration Form


The minor declaration form and process can be found here:


Minor Declaration Form



German Declaration Form

Complete the forms, save the pdf named as: “<Your Last Name>_<Your Student ID>” and send it back to the Director of Undergraduate Studies who will then contact you with further instructions.