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For nearly 8 weeks in the summer of 2022, Aymen Lamsahel (MEAS, class 2023) worked as a paid intern among the research teams at ARENA 2036. Located in Stuttgart, ARENA2036 stands for "Active Research Environment for the Next generation of Automobiles,” and it is dedicated to improving the production and manufacturing of automobiles and other modes of future mobility through innovative and creative projects that are developed in an open, cooperative environment.  For Aymen, it was “the best summer [he] ever had,” and he will rely on the network he established in Stuttgart when he applies for a Masters in Germany upon his graduation from Northwestern.


I had always wanted to spend an extended amount of time in Germany for multiple reasons, namely, to connect with family there and, seeing as I’m a violinist and classical musician, to also discover the country’s rich cultural and artistic history. And I can’t say enough good things about my trip. Thanks to the generosity of the Friedman-Kline Foundation and their support of students like me who wanted to spend summer quarter in Germany, I was lucky enough to be able to stay for eight weeks with significant financial assistance in two cities in Germany, Bayreuth and Leipzig. Both cities were situated in culturally rich surroundings, so my time was of course brimming with all sorts of cool experiences, including seeing landmarks like the church where Bach once worked, learning about former East Germany, and of course trying both the national and local culinary specialties (Leipziger Lerche and Frankish Bratwurst remain favorites of mine). In addition to being immersed in the culture, I of course drastically improved my German-speaking skills, even after taking just one year of the introductory sequence at NU. Herr Ryder and the German Department at Northwestern helped find language programs that aligned with my abilities going into the program and my goals for continuing German when returning. On top of everything, I also became a more global-minded person through the countless meaningful connections I made with people from all around the world who participated in the courses I took. I wouldn’t trade this last summer in Germany for anything. I gained exactly what I wanted from it and so much more. So, if you’re even considering doing a summer study abroad, I strongly recommend Germany as a worthwhile option.


What's it like for a college student to study abroad in Berlin, Germany? This past summer I joined Northwestern University's summer program in Berlin and found out just how amazing the city is. Here are some of my highlights and favorite moments from two months


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