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Language Learning is messy but fun

Learning a new language can feel difficult because it challenges your mind and it requires time and commitment. The best advice we can give you is to relish the new experience: the ridiculous moments, especially during the first weeks when you feel silly because you don't understand; when you realize that your accent is not yet perfect and that you lack even basic vocabulary. Do not fear failure or embarrassment - get messy in your learning. Be happy to make mistakes and cherish the fact that you are learning something new every day! None of this matters in the long run. What matters is commitment and an open mind.

Interacting in the new language from the beginning is key to learning — it will teach you to intuitively express your thoughts using whatever language you have available - over and over again. Find advanced learners and native speakers near you: they will appreciate your attempt to communicate in their language and you will gain new friends for life. Invite the new language into your daily life: change the language on your phone, maybe even on your social media accounts.  Browse magazines and newspapers even if you can only decipher the headlines, listen to music and podcasts, watch documentaries, and cook something new using a foreign recipe. The important thing is to explore new input as much as possible, daily, or even more often!

Commitment and an open mind is the key to success. Read how learning a foreign language makes you smarter and assess your language skills regularly using the ACTFL proficiency scale. You will be amazed at how much you are learning.