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Programmatic Proficiency Goals

Below you will find approximate levels of proficiency for all of our classes.  "Entry-level" proficiency indicates the level a student should have achieved to join the class. "Class level" goal proficiency indicates the level of the material being worked on and studied in each class. It does not mean that the students will have reached this proficiency level.

Learning a language is not an exact science and students will reach different levels even if taking the same courses.  The amount of new language you master depends on your background (how many other languages you have learned, for example), on your language aptitude (how easy it is for you to distinguish different sounds and to remember new material), and, most importantly, how much effort you put into learning the new language every day.  If you are in a class and feel overwhelmed or not challenged, talk to your instructors and to the Director of Undergraduate Studies; they will be able to help you find a more appropriate class. 


In order to ensure a seamless learning experience, all of our German courses have certain language prerequisites. Please pay particular attention to these prerequisites when registering for a course. You will find the prerequisites listed in the course catalogue or at the end of each course description.     

German Proficiency level