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Annual 2021-2022 Class Schedule

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Course # Course Title Fall Winter Spring

Language Courses

101-1-20 Beginning German Zeller
101-1-21 Beginning German Hutter
101-1-22 Beginning German Swistelnicki
101-1-23 Beginning German Meuser
101-1-24 Beginning German Meuser
101-1-27 Beginning German (Intensive) Paluch
101-2-20 Beginning German Zeller
101-2-21 Beginning German Hutter
101-2-22 Beginning German Swistelnicki
101-2-23 Beginning German Meuser
101-3-20 Beginning German Zeller
101-3-21 Beginning German Hutter
101-3-22 Beginning German Swistelnicki
101-3-23 Beginning German Meuser
101-2-28 Beginning German Paluch
101-3-29 Beginning German Paluch
102-1-20 Intermediate German Kerlova
102-1-21 Intermediate German Kerlova
102-1-22 Intermediate German Melovska
102-1-23 Intermediate German Ryder
102-2-21 Intermediate German Kerlova
102-2-22 Intermediate German Meuser
102-2-23 Intermediate German Melovska
102-2-24 Intermediate German Ryder
102-3-21 Intermediate German Kerlova
102-3-22 Intermediate German Ryder
102-3-23 Intermediate German Melovska
102-3-24 Intermediate German Ryder

Courses Taught in English


First Year Seminar Weitzman Parkinson
224-0 Contemporary Germany (Distribution Area IV) Holt
228-0 German Film (Disitrbution Area VI)
230-0 Berlin and the Culture of Democracy (Distribution Area IV and VI) von Holt

The Theme of Faust Through the Ages
(Distribution Area V and VI)

244-0 Analyzing Freud (Distribution Area VI) Weitzman

Learning Diversity: Germany and Global Migration (Distribution Area IV)


German History: Germany Since 1945 (Distribution Area V)


Courses Taught in German

115-0 Intensive Beginning German through Musical Journeys in Vienna Zeller
203-0 Focus Speaking Meuser
205-0 Focus Writing Zeller
207-0 Current Events in German Media Paluch
209-0 German in the Business World Ryder
221-1 Introduction to Literature: 1800-1900
(Distrobution Area VI)
221-2 Introduction to Literature: 1900-1945 (Distirbution Area VI) von Holt
245-0 Special Topics in German Literature and Culture Zeller
303-0 Speaking as Discovery Lys
309-1 Advanced Business German: Understanding the German Economy Ryder
321-3 Recoveries and Transitions: 1945-Present (Distribution Area IV and VI) von Holt
331-0 Shattered Worlds: Representations after the Shoa (Distribution Area VI) Parkinson
335-0 Minority Voices in Germany (Distribution Area VI) von Holt
337-0 Science and Culture in Germany (DIstribution Area IV and V) Kreienbrock

Graduate Courses

401-0 German Literature and Critical Thought, 1750-1832 von Holt
402-0 German Literature and Critical Though 1832-1900 Weber
403-0 German Literature and Critical Though 1900-1945 Fenves
405-0 Basic Issues in Foreign Language Teaching Lys
407-0 Pro-seminar Kreienbrock
441-20 Studies in Communication and Culture Weitzman