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Buffett Institute Forum for Languages and Culture

March 7, 2016

Given the centrality of foreign languages to an education in our globalized world, the Forum for Languages and Cultures supports local and global initiatives that offer opportunities for students, faculty and staff in all of our colleges and schools to participate in language and culture-based activities focused on expanding the study of foreign languages and cultures beyond the classroom. 


The Buffett Forum for Languages and Cultures is hosting a series of Language Tables during Spring Quarter and would like to invite the broader Northwestern community of faculty, students and staff to attend.  The Language Tables provide an opportunity to gather and converse in one of eight languages in the friendly environment of the PARC Dining Room in the Allison Dining Hall with refreshments provided by the Buffett Forum and the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives.  The tables are open to everyone from novice learners to native speakers.  Come and practice your language skills while getting to know others on campus.

Tuesday Language Tables at 4:00 p.m.: Arabic, Chinese, English (ESL), Italian, Korean & Russian
April 5,  April 19,  May 3, May 17

Wednesday Language Tables at 4:00 p.m.:  French, German, Hindi/Urdu, Polish, Portuguese & Spanish
April 6, May 4,  May 18

All Language Tables take place in PARC Dining Room in the Allison Dining Hall. 1820 Chicago Ave Evanston
Sponsored by the Buffett Form for Languages and Cultures and the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives
Contact:  John Paluch


The Campus Language Connection is a Northwestern student-led group created to informally connect students who speak foreign languages. We are committed to improving students' speaking and overall proficiency in their foreign language(s) while promoting cross-cultural understanding and friendships through informal conversational practice. Proficiency in multiple languages allows communication among people from a variety of cultures and makes one more attractive to potential employers. This project aims to expand second language proficiency in a casual, stress-free environment while also kindling the start of new friendships in the process.

For more events sponsored by the Forum for Languages and Culture and for up-to-date information, please consult the Forum Calendar here.

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