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The German Undergraduate Advisory Board (GUAB)

December 1, 2015

The goal of the German Undergraduate Advisory Board (GUAB) is to foster a sense of community among all students, majors and non-majors, interested in learning about German language, literature, culture, history and politics. The GUAB organizes casual, student-run events intended to enrich the process of learning about things German.

GUAB LincolnsquareOne of the highlight this year was the trip to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to hear Beethoven's Fifth and songs by Schubert and Strauss. There was a pre-concert talk by Gerard McBurney and dinner German style in the historic Berghoff Restaurant! Students from all levels of German took part in an exploration of Lincoln Square, Chicago's Germantown in April. This trip included a presentation on Germans in Chicago, lunch at the Chicago Brauhaus, and a scavenger hunt in Lincoln Square. German and Global McCormick came together in October to celebrated fall with food and fun and by hearing about cool study abroad opportunities! This event that has become a treasured quarterly tradition!

GUAB ChristkindelmarketAnd every year in December, the GUAB also organizes a trip to the Christkindlmarket where students learn about holiday traditions in Germany and get to taste the now famous Dresdner Weihnachtsstollen.

You can meet this year’s group of students who are organizing such interesting events here. Also make sure you regularly check out our schedule to find out about upcoming events.

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