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Christoph Menke

Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor of German

Professor of Practical Philosophy at Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main (since 2009). PhD 1987: University of Konstanz, Philosophy; „Habilitation“ 1995: Freie Universität Berlin, Philosophy. 1997-99: Associate Professor, New School for Social Research, New York; 1999-2008: Full Professor, University of Potsdam

Book publications in English: The Sovereignty of Art. Aesthetic Negativity after Adorno and Derrida, MIT Press 1998; Reflections of Equality, Stanford UP 2006; Tragic Play. Tragedy. Irony and Theater from Sophocles to Beckett, Columbia UP 2009; Force. A Fundamental Concept of Aesthetic Anthropology, Fordham UP 2012; Law and Violence. Christoph Menke in Dialogue, Manchester UP 2018; Critique of Rights, Polity Press 2020.