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Major & Minor

We encourage students in the department of German to pursue either a Major in German (14 courses) or one of the three minors (8 courses each): A Minor in German, a Minor in German Studies, and a Minor in Business German. In both, the major and the three minors, students will accomplish two broad goals: 1) become acquainted with the language and culture beyond second-year college German; and 2) create (with the help of the undergraduate advisor) an individual concentration that organizes and completes their study of German culture, literature, and history.

The learning goals for the Major are as follows:
The learning goals for the Minor in German are as follows:
The learning goals for the Minor in German Studies are as follows:
The learning goals for the Minor in Business German are as follows:

Only courses beyond 100-level German can count for the major or minor. The prerequisite for enrolling in any 200-level German course is the completion of the last quarter of Intermediate German (102-3) with a grade of C- or better - or the equivalent thereof - for example, achieving a score of "4" or better on the Advanced Placement German Language Examination; or receiving official exemption from 100-level courses based on the German Placement Exam.

Majors and minors returning from a study abroad program in their junior year must enroll in at least one (1) 300-level course in the German Department. Students studying abroad in a German speaking country may apply to have their work count towards the German major or German minor. The department may accept up to eight courses in German for a full year abroad, up to four courses for a semester abroad if you are majoring in German (half of that if you are minoring) and up to two courses for a summer abroad.

If you have questions about majoring or minoring in German, would want to obtain permission for course substitutions or help with choosing appropriate courses, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.