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Our Programs and Curriculum


German Courses in the Fall 2020

majors and minors

While we are eager to be back on campus and teach you in person, everybody's safety in this time of uncertainty associated with Covid-19 is our primary concern. We want to assure you that our courses continue to be fun, interactive, engaging and packed full with valuable learning opportunities whether we teach fully online, or meet some of the time on campus in the Fall. Data from our  language learners tested at the end of Spring 2020  showed that synchronous on-line  learning experiences are as effective as in-class experiences and students reach the same proficiency.  You will find class descriptions as well as titles for required books for Fall 2020 below and we hope you will check us out whether you consider starting to learn German or continue with your studies in a supportive course environment. If you have questions about enrolling in any of our engaging courses, please contact us (or schedule a virtual meeting) and we will arrange for a zoom conversation with you.

Beginning German
Intermediate German

Focus Writing
German Media


Advanced Conversation
Recoveries and Transitions
From Opera to Fascism


The Theme of Faust


A Unique Department


Award-winning Instructors

We have an exceptional teaching faculty, who make every effort to approach learning from a variety of angles to offer classes that are engaging and motivating, intellectually fulfilling, and, at the same time, broaden and deepen learning.
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Outstanding Research Faculty

Our faculty are engaged in a range of projects, many involving cross-disciplinary issues, such as critical theory, theories of reading, psychoanalysis, Jewish studies, the history of science, and the role of technology in learning and teaching in the field of Second Language Acquisition.
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Progressive Learning Environment

The department recognizes that in addition to exposure to various classroom learning situations and scenarios, learners need a variety of learning situations including opportunities to use the target language with native speakers in the target culture to progress their learning.
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